What's "Post Advertising"? 

I invented the term "post advertising" in 2007 to describe a world where the people, not brands or media companies, would be in charge of what content they'd consume. I defined the post-ad age as a time when the only messages people would see or hear would be the ones they choose to see and hear. It was the end of big brands and media corporations being able to force people to pay attention. It was the beginning of having to earn attention with experiences that people actually value. In 2007, we announced that Story had become the world's first post-advertising agency. 

Brands seem to understand that the end of advertising is near. But too many cling to outmoded organizations that operate in silos using outdated approaches. They try to create audience-centric stories, but their love affair with ads makes them argue over how often to mention the brand or show the product. That argument — like most advertising tactics — is a dead end.

What's a marketer to do?

What's required now is a total transformation to integrated organizations and processes. What's required is the ability to create relevant stories all of which share a brand's coherent core narrative and distinctive point of view. People must be able to identify stories from your brand without ever seeing the package or logo, just as they can immediately identify a Hemingway story without seeing the cover or a Tarantino movie without seeing the titles. Each brand needs to own a distinctive way of seeing the world and telling relevant, compelling, ownable stories.

One High-Level Marketer's Advice:

"Get out of this ridiculous business of advertising, which is disruptive, which is not additive to the consumer experience and which exactly no one...wants."